* Social Media Special

Social Media Special

Do you want to sharpen up your ‘social skills’ and make sure you’re not missing a trick? Well this 5-day Social Media Special is designed to do just that and it will bring you up to speed on all the latest tips and techniques guaranteed to improve your social media performance.

Bookable as a whole course, or as a pick and mix of different full day, morning or afternoon sessions the Social Media Special is ideal for PR and communications teams, journalists, freelancers, start-ups, SMEs, charities, NGOs and many others.

We keep jargon and ‘tech-speak’ to a minimum and focus on delivering effective practical skills in a fun and accessible way.  It is not designed for total newcomers to social media so a basic working knowledge of the main platforms is essential.

Dates: July 16th – July 20th 2018


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Day 1 Morning – Social Media Essentials


16th July 10.00-13.00

You don’t know what you don’t know until you find out what you’ve been missing.  Then you wonder how on earth you ever managed before and that it could be so easy.  Well that’s what people say about today’s course:  It’s a ‘game changer’

If you struggle to keep up with all the changes in social media, or just need some help and want to refresh your skills and discover the latest tips and tricks then this course is for you.

  • Overview of the current social media landscape – what’s hot and what’s not
  • Exploration of algorithms, platforms and audiences
  • How to develop a social mindset and get organised
  • Understand human behaviours and drivers
  • Demystify jargon and understand the etiquette
  • Going live on Facebook or Twitter – what works and what to watch out for
  • Identify your objectives and how to measure them
  • Find and target your audiences and influencers
  • Establish which platforms to use and appropriate strategies for each
  • The psychology of social media – what works and what doesn’t
  • Content creation and planning
  • Pitfalls and how to avoid them, crisis planning
Writing and editing for the web and mobile

Day 1 Afternoon – Social Media Intelligence


16th July 14.00-17.00

Expanding on the basics offered in the morning, this course digs a bit deeper so if you want to find something or someone on social media you have to get smart and this will give you the inside track on how to do it.

  • Find influencers, groups and niche communities
  • Listen to conversations, monitor competitors
  • Tap into trends and topical themes
  • Create an effective listening dashboard
  • Find people, ideas, stories, potential customers, fans, anything

Packed with tips and tools, you’ll learn advanced search and listening techniques for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google and wonder how you ever managed to find anything before.  It will also tell you what to watch out for and cover basic but critical verification techniques so you don’t get fooled.

Day 2 – Create an Effective Social Media Strategy


17th July 10.00-17.00

Starting with an overview of the current social media landscape and where to find your audience, today you will learn how to build a really effective Social Media Content Strategy

  • Identify your objectives and how to measure them
  • Audience profiling and influencer targeting
  • Establish which platforms to use and develop appropriate strategies for each
  • The psychology of social media – what works and what doesn’t
  • Content creation, planning and workflows
  • Why the secret to success is not just about big numbers
  • Pitfalls, crises and how to avoid them

Day 3 – Social Stories – Instagram and Snapchat 


18th July 10.00-17.00

In the battle of the social media giants, Instagram, with over 800 million monthly active users, is still the one to watch as it continues to pile on the numbers and throw Snapchat’s growth into the shade.

This, in no small part, is attributable to Instagram copying Snapchat’s best ideas – ‘stories’, face filters, location tags – and it’s also far easier for brands and business to use so opportunities abound.  Packed full of best practice examples and visual storytelling tips and techniques, this popular course will:

  • Help you design and deliver a clear, eye-catching strategy to help beat the algorithm
  • Explain why a consistent visual style is critical to success
  • Share the secrets of writing great comments and captions
  • Show you how to define and target the right audiences, key influencers and communities
  • Reveal the art of getting hashtags to work for you
  • Highlight the best ways to create and upload really engaging Instagram Stories


And we’ll also demystify Snapchat and show you why there’s still something in it for you.

Day 4 Morning – Social Media Best Practice: Making Shareable Content


19th July 10.00-13.00

This is your chance to really polish up your social skills. In addition to reviewing case studies and examples of best practice, this is your opportunity to audit and review work you’ve created and discover how to make it more effective.  The morning is all about creating and optimizing really shareable content and the afternoon is devoted to honing your writing skills.

Making Shareable Content

  • What makes shareable content – format types, tips and tricks
  • How to create conversation and drive word of mouth
  • Understand the psychology of social – what makes something go viral?
  • Sharpen up your photography, add text to photos, make videos from stills
  • Turn photos and videos into shareable Gifs and Memes

(Please note this course does not cover filming or editing video because that will be covered on Friday)

Day 4 Afternoon – Social Media Best Practice: Writing Skills


19th July 14.00-1700


If you want to stop people scrolling past your content you have to hook them in and grab their attention immediately, so if your headline doesn’t work then you’ve lost them.

This course will help brush up your writing skills and show what really works in the battle for attention. With plenty of hands-on headline writing practice and immediate feedback you’ll learn a few simple but effective tricks to make your content stand out from the noise on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

    • Finding and honing the right tone of voice
    • Creating a style guide
    • How to find the best angles and social hooks
    • Trigger words – how to use the right language to maximize engagement
    • The importance of picking the right keywords and hashtags
    • The subtle art of responding to comments, clients, customers and crises


(NB this course focuses on writing for social media platforms and channels, not websites or blogs)

Day 5 Viral Video and Online Engagement


20th July 10.00-17.00

This session is designed to explore what makes a video go viral and how can we apply those qualities to our own content – increasingly vital for media, PR and marketing professionals.


The course will identify the common qualities of current successful, viral video and explores if there are variables in each case. It looks at the tricks and techniques of engaging an audience with video on a second by second basis and how these techniques can be used in viral video planning and production. We explore what types of videos work best on which platforms.

What is Viral Video?


  • What makes something go viral
  • Why do we like viral videos
  • Can a viral campaign be designed


Understanding the audience


  • Knowing your audience
  • Finding your audience
  • Connecting with your audience
  • Building your audience


Viral Video common values


  • Must it have a cat?
  • The 10 secrets of viral video
  • Designing a viral video / campaign


Narrative structure and how to best engage the audience


  • Emotional engagement
  • Narrative structure
  • The H.E.C. test


When, where and why of online video publishing


  • Re-versioning and creating a campaign

Which video on which social platform and when to publish

The Tutor – Sue Llewellyn

Sue Llewellyn is a former BBC reporter and producer with over 15 years experience as a journalist in the TV newsroom.

Since leaving the BBC nine years ago, she has worked with leadership teams to create top level digital strategy and bespoke social media training for a wide range of clients including: BBC News, BBC Radio, The Financial Times, RTÉ, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Team GB, the FA, British Council, BBC Academy, Bank of England, Immediate Media group and many others.

She pioneered the introduction of ‘Twitter Masterclasses’ in the heart of the BBC newsroom and since 2009 has been responsible for designing and leading social media training across the corporation.

To date she has personally trained over 5000 journalists, programme-makers, PRs, NGOs, editors and executives including many of the top names in British broadcasting. She is also a regular speaker at conferences in the UK and Europe on the psychology of social media and how journalists and newsrooms can best use it to engage their audiences.

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Half day: £230 plus VAT

One day: £390 plus VAT

Two days: £695 plus VAT

Multiple days: Discounts available


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