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Reporting Statistics

This course will make sense of statistics and teach you how to use them effectively in journalism, in writing press releases and other materials in marketing and PR, as well as how to avoid the pitfalls which can make your brand look silly.

Numbers can be hugely confusing and journalists and PR professionals can end up with egg on their faces if they get them wrong or cannot work out whether a big looking number really is significant.

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Course Outline


  • What makes a survey reliable?
  • How do you know whether you can report it?
  • Learn the five key questions to ask

Big numbers

  • Their growing challenge to news makers
  • How to present them comprehensibly

Key statistical pitfalls

  • The cost of snow
  • Correlation and causality
  • When percentages confuse

Statistical sources

  • Which sources you can trust
  • Where to look for numbers
  • Where to turn for advice

Do you believe it

  • The key phrases to avoid
  • What to look out for

Which average to use

  • What are the mean median and mode?
  • When should you use each of them?
  • How do you work them out?

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