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PR Writing: Advancing your Skills

This PR writing course helps you to write better, tighter and more sharply, to develop the skills to handle different writing styles and shows you how to improve all aspects of your written communication, whatever the audience.

This course is for everyone who has been writing for an agency or in-house for between six months and two years, who wants to assess how they are doing. It also helps you to deal with a range of writing styles, from news releases and case studies to blogs and social media posts.

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Course Outline

Taking your writing to the next level – where to start

  • Understanding the readers’ mindset in the digital age
  • How changing media consumption affects the way we should write
  • Why we have to make our words work harder than ever

Grabbing your readers’ attention and retaining it

  • How to write intros that say ‘tell me more’
  • The importance of attention-grabbing first words
  • How to inject pace into your writing – and avoid losing your reader

Structuring for success

  • Alternatives to the inverted pyramid
  • Thinking mobile and how it impacts on your story writing
  • The differences between online and print writing

Language and style

  • Winning words: how to avoid the clichés and dull management-speak
  • Dealing with dull material. Working with numbers
  • Hitting the mark with niche or technical publications

How to add sparkle to your press releases

  • Brand v story – how to find the right balance
  • The importance of quotes and the different ways of using them
  • Standing out from the crowd by using the right words

Writing for online – blogging, tweeting and posting

  • Defining the purpose of your post
  • Different approaches to blogging – from top tips to top tens
  • Striking the balance between curiosity and clickbait in social media

Alternative print formats

  • How to write a great case study
  • Opinion pieces and thought leadership – avoiding the big sell
  • Others routes to coverage – letters, graphics and maps

Ready to enrol?

Join our course for £468 including VAT

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