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PR and Communications Training Week

PA Training is running a special week of courses designed for PR, Communications and Marketing Professionals to ensure their skills are up to date and to add impact to their message in 2018. There are 9 courses covering the full range of the PR and Communications skillset, which can either be booked individually or in a batch for a number of delegates with discounts available.

Throughout the week, a number of courses will include a tour of the PA Newsroom and a chance to question PA Editors about how to get your PR story and key messages out into the media.


Dates: Monday 12th – Friday 16th Feb


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Day 1 – An Introduction to PR

12th – 13th February


This two-day course offers an intensive introduction to PR in all its forms. It looks at the principles and practice of public relations in the modern media environment using a mixture of presentation, seminars and practicals.

It explores how social media and online campaigns are now an essential part of the PR mix.

Course Content:


  • What is PR? Definitions and examples of how PR works and why it sometimes fails
  • Tools and channels – different ways of delivering effective public relations
  • PR planning, how to develop a campaign
  • Press Releases, the good, bad and the ugly
  • Media relations in action

This course will continue on day 2, which will include a tour of the PA Newsroom and a chance for a Q&A with a senior PA Journalist.

Public relations

Day 2 – Podcasting for PR and Marketing

13th February 


Podcasts are a great vehicle for showcasing and sharing the expertise in your business or organisation. Produced professionally and properly they can be used to great effect to promote services, provide advice and guidance to your target audience and to add value.

Podcasting is an established part of the media landscape now with growing listenership and share of the audio market. They are inexpensive to produce and can be a really cost-effective way to engage and reach out to existing and new audiences in a compelling and credible way.

Course Content:


  • What is a podcast?
  • The kit you need
  • Thinking through your podcast
  • Recording and editing
  • Promoting your podcast

Day 3 – Better Business Writing

14th February 


Does your writing let you down? Are you bogged down in jargon, cliché and formality? Do you struggle to get your message across to your teams and clients? Writing well can make a world of difference to your career.

This course will give you techniques to simplify and clarify your written work – emails, reports, letters – to make your writing resonate with your customers and colleagues.

Course Content:


  • Good writing what is it? What do we mean by good writing in a PR and Communications Context?
  • Audience and Purpose – putting yourself in the mind of your audience
  • Plain English – how to say what you want to say simply and clearly
  • Structure – how to instantly improve your structuring for maximum impact
  • Emails – common mistakes in internal comms and how to avoid them
  • Reports – how to make your report writing more effective
Better business writing

Advanced PR

14th – 15th February


This two-day highly practical course examines best practice and emerging ideas for building relationships with external stakeholders, ensuring they understand the issues, restraints, vision and attainments that enhance reputation and brand value.

Participants are encouraged to reflect on and discuss their own professional issues and experiences.

This course is for professionals who have mastered the essential skills of public relations and who want to practice at a more advanced level.

Course Content:


  • Developing proactive relationships with the media
  • Managing media interviews
  • Public affairs: lobbying & advocacy
  • Planning and managing successful events
  • PR during a crisis
  • Social media’s place in the PR toolkit

This course will continue on day 4, which will include a tour of the PA Newsroom and a chance for a Q&A with a senior PA Journalist.

Day 4 – What Makes News

15th February morning 


This intensive course will give you a much greater understanding of how media organisations function, who the key decision makers are, and how editorial decisions made.

By the end of the course, you will understand what makes a story and how to create narratives that will be of interest to the media.

You’ll be equipped with a range of tools and strategies to use the media to your advantage.

This course will include a Tour of the PA Newsroom and a chance for a Q&A with a senior PA journalist.

Course Content:


  • How the media works; understanding the editorial process
  • What makes news?
  • How to analyse media and their audiences
  • How to deal with the press: what does the media want from you
  • Looking for opportunities outside the news agenda
What Makes News

Is Your PR Working? PR Evaluation

15th February afternoon 


Is your PR working? And how do you know? Equally importantly, how do you demonstrate to your colleagues and clients that your campaigns are working?

This course will bring you up to speed on the latest trends in PR evaluation and give you the tools to measure your success.

Using tutorials, practical exercises, case studies and discussion it will help you meet the challenges and demands of modern PR evaluation.

Course Content:


  • Embedding evaluation into the planning process
  • Pros and cons of traditional media measurement
  • Outputs and outcomes: understanding the difference
  • The Barcelona Principles – embedding digital and social media into your campaign

Financial PR and Communications

15th February


PR and communications specialists need to develop their literacy in the language of business and finance in order to deliver often complex messages to sophisticated audiences.

This course is for PR and communications professionals who want to understand how business performance is measured and how to improve their role in communicating the stories behind the data.

Course Content:


  • Who uses financial information, why they use financial information; the financial calendar and regulatory framework
  • Finance – the language of business – the three financial statements; key terminology
  • Drivers of value – how different business models create value, how markets value business, triggers of share price movement
  • When things go wrong – recent examples, red flags, communicating the issues
Financial PR

Day 5 – Effective Press Release Writing

16th February 


Learn to write press releases that really work and how to maximise their impact. This hands-on course gives delegates a better understanding of how the media works and tips on how to get stories published.

This course is not only for full-time press officers and PR executives, but also for anyone who deals with news organisations.

This course will include a tour of the PA Newsroom and a Q and A with a senior PA journalist.

Course Content


  • What is a press release? What is PR? Some definitions
  • The truth about press releases from journalists who read them
  • Structure – the intro and the inverted pyramid principle of news writing
  • What is news? How to get journalists interested in your story – what they are looking for in a press release
  • Distribution – how to get your release to the right person
  • Selling in – some tips on dealing with journalists

Crisis Management

16th February 


Learn how to manage the fall-out from a crisis in today’s social media-driven world – before it happens. Handled well, damage can be limited; handled badly and it can have a huge effect on image and profits

This course examines worst-case scenarios and what to do when things go wrong. It’s for managers, communication professionals and customer service specialists who need a ‘what-if?’ mechanism in place should something go wrong.

Course Content:


  • Planning in advance to prevent crises
  • Creating a tailor-made crisis strategy
  • When the unexpected happens
  • Empowering your employees

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