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News and Feature Writing

The essential news and feature writing guide, this two-day course delivers a foundation in a range of writing styles. It covers the essentials of article structure, style and vocabulary. With companies and organisations focusing on content marketing, this course will equip you to write clear, readable and engaging copy.

This course is for anyone who is writing for an audience – PRs, marketeers, business executives and specialists who have to write news and feature articles, and those expected to share their knowledge and expertise with the wider world.

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Course Outline

Understanding the inverted pyramid style of news writing

  • The inverted pyramid, what it is and why news is written that way
  • Looking at copy from the reader’s perspective
  • How to write a simple news story

How to organise your copy to make it interesting and readable

  • The psychology of writing
  • Why the principles of good writing are easy to understand and difficult to execute
  • Why clarity and readability are the keys to successful writing

Getting off to a good start – the art of intro writing

  • Understanding what makes a good intro
  • The seven summary of good intros
  • Selling your story to the audience

Dealing with numbers, detail and quotes in copy

  • How to avoid the “essay” writing trap
  • How to tackle numbers and heavy detail
  • How to use quotes effectively

Different styles of news writing – delayed drop and narrative intros

  • Drawing the reader in with a delayed drop
  • Telling powerful stories through people
  • Verbal visual – what it is and how it works

The principles of writing with style

  • Why good writing is hard – understanding the mindset of great writers
  • The power of active writing and avoiding the passive
  • How to avoid Inadvertent repetition, message v messenger, and meaningless modifiers. Why plain English is essential

How do we define a feature and understanding the purpose of features

  • What is a feature?
  • Why do publishers use features – understanding their purpose
  • The dangers of features – why the pyramid doesn’t work

Understanding the diamond structure and how to execute it

  • What is the diamond structure and why is it important?
  • The challenge of sustaining the reader’s interest
  • Dealing with the transitions – using link phrases to make copy flow

Ready to enrol?

Join our course for £834 including VAT

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