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Viral Video and Online Engagement

This course is designed to explore what makes a video go viral and how can we apply those qualities to our own content – increasingly vital for media, PR and marketing professionals.

The course will identify the common qualities of current successful, viral video and explores if there are variables in each case. It looks at the tricks and techniques of engaging an audience with video on a second by second basis and how this technique can be used in viral video planning and production. We explore what types of videos work best on which platforms.

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Course Outline

What is Viral Video?

  •     What makes something go viral
  •     Why do we like viral videos
  •     Can a viral campaign be designed

Understanding the audience

  •     Knowing your audience
  •     Finding your audience
  •     Connecting with your audience
  •     Building your audience

Viral Video common values

  •     Must it have a cat?
  •     The 10 secrets of viral video
  •     Designing a viral video / campaign

Narrative structure and how to best engage the audience

  •     Emotional engagement
  •     Narrative structure
  •     The H.E.C. test

When, where and why of online video publishing

  •     Re-versioning and creating a campaign
  •     Which video on which social platform and when to publish

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Understand what works – and what doesn’t – in social media.

An introduction to podcasting – what works, what doesn’t and how you can get started.

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