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Search Engine Optimisation

Search is still the number one way to find your audience online but the way it works is changing. It has broken free of its reputation as a super-techy black art. These days SEO is about how you create effective and engaging content.

Writers, editors and other content creators will get the most out of this course but it is also suitable for anyone working online who wants to take a more content-focused approach to SEO and to reach new audiences.

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Prices from £386 excluding VAT

Course Outline

Aims: driving traffic, quality of reach

  • The Google algorithm and how it is changing
  • Using search as part of a content strategy (A-B testing)
  • How search and social interact

Keyword intention

  • How search engines interpret user intentions
  • Using language to maximise search impact
  • How the white hats beat the black hats

The technical bit

  • Long-tail keywords
  • Valuing the skim reader
  • Providing unique, engaging content

Tools to improve your search performance

  • Understanding SERPs (search engine results pages)
  • Using Google itself as an SEO tool
  • Other tools to help SEO

Improving engagement

  • Page Rank and trust criteria
  • Monitoring: converting successes and failures into a better strategy
  • Using social media to improve search performance

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Prices from £386 excluding VAT

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