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An Introduction to PR

This two-day course offers an intensive introduction to PR in all its forms. The introduction to PR course looks at the principles and practice of public relations in the modern media environment using a mixture of presentation, seminars and practicals. It looks at how social media and online campaigns is now an essential part of the PR mix.

This course is for anyone who wants to get up to speed quickly on the fundamentals of public relations. Suitable for those involved in PR full time or for other executives who want a better understanding of how PR works.

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Course Outline

What is PR? Definitions and examples of how PR works and why it sometimes fails

  • How we define PR and why it’s important to understand the principles
  • Different types of PR: from event management and public affairs to experiential and social media
  • Differences between PR, marketing and advertising, and how digital and social media campaigns are blurring the lines between them

Tools and channels – different ways of delivering effective public relations

  • What tools are available?
  • What are the pros and cons of each PR tool?
  • Best practice in deploying different tools & techniques

PR planning, how to develop a campaign

  • Identifying the audience and finding routes to reach them
  • Three-stage strategic planning & four-stage PR planning
  • How research and analysis relates to evaluation

How to measure the value of your PR

  • Why evaluation is the Achilles heel of the PR industry and how social and digital are becoming essential elements of measurement
  • Different types of traditional evaluation, ACE, AVE, OTS, media and audience analysis tone, message, sentiment and impact
  • Advanced evaluation – intermediary and target audience effects

Press Releases, the good, bad and the ugly

  • Understanding the role of the press release in media relations
  • Assessing value and impact of a press release
  • Why some press releases work and some don’t

Media relations in action

  • Understanding media and what journalists are looking for
  • Using national media for PR – the how and why
  • Tricks of the trade, surveys, expertise, thought-leadership

How to deal with the press and what makes news? 

  • What journalists are looking for from PR practitioners
  • How to build media lists and target journalists
  • Building a deeper understanding of your target media

Tips on interviews and crisis management

  • Do’s and don’ts of press interviews
  • What journalists want from PRs
  • How to deal with bad news and the basics of crisis management

Ready to enrol?

Join our course for £834 including VAT

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