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Internet Investigations and Research

This is one-day course presented by renowned media research expert Paul Myers. On this course, you will learn how to effectively search and verify essential information, find people, go back in time and investigate organisations using social media and specialist technical tools.

This course will appeal to journalists, PR and marketing teams and investigators, in fact, anyone doing professional research on the net.


Course Outline

Searching for information

  • Basic searching and searching by subject
  • Advanced Google search tools and saving evidence
  • Time travel (finding information from the past)

People research

  • Gathering your information
  • People research databases
  • Searching social media – Twitter and advanced Facebook

Investigating businesses

  • Using Business Research Data Bases
  • Using social media to investigate business

Avoiding the pitfalls

  • Spotting fake images
  • Spotting fake websites
  • Verification techniques
  • Staying undercover

Advanced technical tools

  • Working with phone numbers
  • Domains, hosting & servers
  • Historical Whois
  • Reverse IP
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