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PA’s sci-tech content takes your readers on an exciting journey of groundbreaking discoveries and inventions, mind-boggling medical developments and the latest breakthroughs. Sensational assets and easy to read stories on complex subjects connect your audience with the greatest ideas and minds in science and technology

Topic areas covered

The Natural World

Covering the phenomena of the physical world; from the vast oceans, the latest tectonic plate movements, all the way down to global scale climate change debate between governments. Our asset rich news articles and features are guaranteed to strike the interest of your audience.

Physics & Space

PA remains at the forefront of the latest news in space, matter, time and energy. Encompassing all aspects of the universe from the largest galaxies to the smallest subatomic particles, PA’s physics and space content helps answers some of life’s big questions in fascinating features.

All Things Tech

Everything and anything tech related, our ready-to-publish content delivers the latest news on gadgets, events, Silicon Valley gossip, product releases, trends and reviews straight to your readers. Our expert team of tech enthused journalists have got it covered.


The world’s fastest growing sport is live video gaming and the industry has undoubtedly taken the world by storm in recent years, with advancements in VR integration, processing power and multiplayer functionality. PA will bring your audience the latest headlines from the video games industry, covering the latest releases, reviews and tournaments.

Health, Genetics & Medicine

Informing your readers about the latest health issues, medical breakthroughs and genetic discoveries is easy with our expert journalists delivering the news and creating features, on everything from cancer treatments, mental health issues and the latest superfoods.


Taking on all things weird and wonderful. A scientific look at strange news from around the world and beyond, featuring articles about unexplained oddities, mysteries and bizarre discoveries.

The Internet of Things

Our team of tech journalists are among the first to receive and review the latest wearable and smart home gadgets. Access a curated collection of ready-to-publish articles and features, with the latest news and information in smart technologies; the latest VR developments, next gen vacuums, automatic window cleaners to the latest updates coming to smart speakers.

Robotics & AI

Industrial revolution 4.0? Whatever changes are coming to the world as we know it, our tech editors are up-to-date with all things AI. Excite your readers with the latest innovations in artificial intelligence and keep up to date with regulations as the ever-growing sector continues to challenge governments and upend traditional working practices.

How do I receive PA’s sci-tech content?

PA Ready

Ready-to-publish multimedia content

Our digital sci-tech articles can be taken through PA Ready. Designed for organisations looking to access and publish complete multimedia articles on demand, PA takes the complexities out of content production. With up to five rich media assets attached to every story, your platform can instantly access the latest stories, helping it to become more up-to-date, more engaging and more shareable.

Science and Technology content delivered by PA Ready

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