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The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has prompted a huge amount of interest across the UK and the rest of the world.

Our Royal Wedding Collection features a package of exclusive, multi-media content that’s ready to be published on web, tablet and mobile platforms. It’s designed to engage your audiences before, during and after the couple’s big day. As the UK’s national news agency, we will have unparalleled access to all the key moments to ensure our customers get an unbeatable range of words, pictures, videos and graphics.

By taking PA’s Royal Wedding Collection you will get:

Fully enriched, ready-to-publish articles including the latest news, guides, features, reaction and more

Videos: latest consumer-ready highlights packages and features

Images: live pictures, official pictures, galleries and graphics

PA Now: the latest snippets of multi-media content as soon as we have it

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In the build-up, on the day and after the wedding, our editors will produce more than 100 separate pieces of content covering all aspects of the wedding and the personalities, including guides, features, graphics and galleries.

PA's full-time royal correspondents and photographers will be live in Windsor, including inside the famous chapel. We'll have the best positions and access to the young couple. They'll be supported by a team of reporters, editors and social media experts who will provide round-the-clock coverage of the events as they unfold.

We have plenty to roll out after the big day, so your audience will be able to re-live the wedding with a range of highlights, the official pictures, interviews and features.

Here’s a selection of what you will receive by taking the Royal Wedding Collection:

We will create more than 60 pieces of exceptional royal content in the build up to the big day, check out a small selection below of what’s to come.


- How to get teeth like Meghan Markle
- Best and worst of royal wedding souvenirs
- What will Meghan eat for breakfast to calm wedding nerves?


- The wedding route
- Plan of the chapel
- How Meghan fits into the royal family tree


- royal brides
- Windsor Castle and the Chapel
- Harry and Meghan's life together so far


- Timeline: From blind date to royal wedding
- Who are the bridesmaids, page boys and best man?
- Order of service in full


- Republic - pressure group's reaction
- Quotes by Meghan & Harry
- Celebrities share in the excitement


- A to Z of the wedding
- Who's on the guestlist?
- 10 must-know things about Harry & Meghan's wedding

The big day is here, we have all angles covered along the wedding route from the chapel doors to the altar. See what to expect below.


- Best dressed guests
- What did Kate wear?
- Colour piece from street parties


- Crowds in Windsor
- Ceremony highlights
- The big day in pictures


- The street parties
- The guests as they arrive
- Meghan & Harry at the altar


- Verdict on Meghan's bridal hair and tiara
- What did bridesmaids/pageboys get up to on the day?
- How did the kiss compare to previous royal wedding day kisses?


- Reactions on social media
- Celebrity congratulations
- The lowdown on the reception/reaction from the guests


- Timeline - Bride's arrival, vows and kiss - what happened when?
- How they said their vows and past royal slip-ups
- What did Harry and Meghan say during the service and on the Chapel steps?

Keep your audience returning after the big day with a range of features:


- How to achieve Meghan's wedding day look
- Newspaper headlines from around the world
- Official pictures released
- Honeymoon: The couple's departure
- Interviews with hairdressers and official photographers
- Clean up operation in Windsor
- TV Viewing figures and graphics
- Will Meghan send her bouquet to be left at the grave of an unknown warrior in Westminster Abbey?

Why take PA's Royal Wedding Collection?

By purchasing this collection from the UK's national news agency, you will benefit from:

  • World-class content: access and publish royal content including the latest news, video, features, images and more

  • Let your audience be the first to know: our content is rapidly delivered automatically via API or you can use our download portal to put your own stamp on the story

  • Attract and keep your audience engaged: receive a constant stream of content improving your visibility on SEO indexes

  • Save time and money with our ready-to-publish articles: we've written the body of the story, embedded the assets, validated the sources and fact checked, saving your team a huge amount of resource

  • Be the go-to source: our enticing content will help keep your audience returning time and time again

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