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  • Quick-thinking 10-year-old saved his dad’s life when he turned into a human fireball
    In the true spirit of the Cub Scout motto to ‘be prepared,’ a 10-year-old mini hero saved his dad’s life, by filling kitchen pans with water and soaking him, when he was turned into a human fireball. Calling an ambulance and running to fetch a neighbour, once he had dealt...
  • Dad-of-two releases harrowing photos showing the toll brain cancer has taken on his body
    Harrowing pictures show the devastating toll brain cancer has taken on a former personal trainer – who was diagnosed with a tumour just four days after celebrating the birth of his son at the same hospital. One minute Gavin McMahon, 37, of Caterham, Surrey, was welcoming his firstborn, Theo, into...
  • Mum who ordered a double cheeseburger and chicken nuggets as side dishes is now unrecognisable
    A junk food junkie who gorged on 5,000 calories a day – ordering a double cheeseburger and chicken nuggets as SIDE DISHES in McDonald’s – shed eight stone post pregnancy, after her GP suggested she had a gastric band. Branded morbidly obese by her doctor when, a size 26 and...
  • Son only discovered his dad’s £500,000 gambling addiction when the 61-year-old was jailed for fraud
    Driven to attempt suicide by the devastating aftermath of his father’s £500,000 losses to online slot machines, a young entrepreneur only discovered his parent’s catastrophic gambling addiction when he was jailed for fraud. Speaking to coincide with new legislation cutting the maximum bid on fixed odd betting terminals to £2,...
  • Are these Britain’s youngest pageant queens? Mum enters twin tots in beauty contest at two weeks old
    An ambitious mum who tipped her twin girls as future beauty queens before they were even born has proudly declared them the UK’s youngest ever winners – after entering them in their first pageant at just two weeks old. After raising one champion, Anita Moss, 33 – whose daughter, Beau,...
  • Scottish couple reveal heartbreaking reason they got married on their baby’s due date
    After a heartbreaking Yuletide, mourning the baby they lost on Christmas Eve at 23 weeks, a devoted couple honoured their tragic daughter by getting married on her due date. Determined to make little Ariella – who was born dead after suffering a heart defect in the womb – central to...

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We have a range of real life content delivery methods to suit your needs, including; API, download portal and print production. To find out more please contact us.

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