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  • Teacher, 24, used Siri to call for help when he was having a stroke
    Seeing double and on the verge of collapse, a quick-thinking teacher asked the cyber assistant on his smartphone to call for help, as he suffered a life-threatening stroke at the roadside. Rob Belt, 24, had stopped off to post a parcel on his way home to Cherry Willingham, Lincolnshire, after...
  • Woman reveals how rare condition left her covered in stretch marks with skin so thin it rips
    A history graduate who gained five stone in a few months, because of a hormonal condition she describes as “every girl’s worst nightmare,” is now plagued by stretch marks, making her skin so thin it actually rips. Amy Bojar, 25, from Pontefract, became extremely bloated during the final year of...
  • Woman tells of anguish after her dad was beaten to death with a plank of wood yards from his home
    A grieving daughter, whose father was beaten to death by a yob with a plank of wood, spoke movingly of her anguish after, terrified that his callous killer would walk, she felt forced to accept a charge of manslaughter rather than murder. Grandfather-of-14 Clemuth Roberts, 59, was brutally attacked by...
  • Rare condition causes graduate so much pain she showers ‘like a starfish’ to avoid touching her skin
    A graduate has spoken out about the ultra-rare condition which leaves her in so much pain her limbs cannot be touched and has to wash “like a starfish,” as the sensation of water on her skin is so agonising. Previously fit and healthy, Abi Harmer, 22, of Whitstable, Kent, woke...
  • Mum-of-eight who put cheating husband on ‘lifetime’ sex ban reveals he’s back in the bedroom
    A cheating husband, slapped with a lifetime sex ban by his scorned wife, has revealed how she lifted her veto when she returned home tipsy after a girls’ night out. Haley Mulholland, 48, relented after refusing to have nookie with her husband, Kevin, 49, for three years, after a couple...
  • Woman spends five months locked inside her own body after suffering a stroke at just 23
    A woman has revealed how she spent five terrifying months locked inside her own body, after suffering a stroke at just 23. Klaudia Rachwal, now 25, who now lives in Dublin, Ireland, collapsed while visiting family in Poland, in October 2015 – waking up to discover she could hear everything...

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We have a range of real life content delivery methods to suit your needs, including; API, download portal and print production. To find out more please contact us.

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