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Whether it’s an inspiring love story, a shocking crime read or a health miracle – it’s all covered within PA Real Life. Every interviewee has trusted us to tell their unique story and is speaking solely through PA. Our exclusive interviews are sourced from across the UK and around the world by our expert team.


Two new and original articles are added each working day and are accompanied by attention-grabbing images and social embeds. Four irresistible videos are typically added each week which are easily accessible and are designed to work perfectly for social media including Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. This high quality and affordable content will drive readers to your platform; inspiring them to comment, share and keep returning for more!

Topics covered


From a human Barbie finding love after spending £50,000 on her transformation, to immense age-gap relationships and a bride spending her wedding night in A&E, our stories deliver the wow factor.


From the woman held hostage by her ex, to the daughter who wrestled a bloody knife from the hands of her mum’s killer, people who have faced horrific ordeals trust PA Real Life to exclusively tell their stories.


An adorable baby with a mask-like birthmark, a girl with ‘exorcist syndrome’ and a transgender woman’s 5,000 mile trip for voicebox surgery are just three of the extraordinary tales we’ve told recently.


Bouffant babies, a nudist engagement, a man who ate McDonalds for a week (and lost weight), a happily-married dominatrix and a mum addicted to eating clay – all stories made for sharing from PA Real Life.

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PA Real Life not only treats each individual and their unique story with the upmost care and respect but also helps raise awareness of important issues. Don’t take our word for it. Read interviewee testimonials here and discover how PA can help you and others.

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