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  • Mum who saved her choking baby wants all parents to know how to give the kiss of life
    Forced to give her seven-week-old baby the kiss of life, after she choked on her own mucus, a mum is now campaigning for all parents to have “vital” resuscitation training. Just five weeks before Nicola Bell’s husband, Steve, 45, realised their premature daughter, Cece, had stopped breathing and turned blue...
  • Grieving daughter can talk to her mum from beyond the grave thanks to a remarkable tattoo
    A grieving daughter can now talk to her late mother from beyond the grave, thanks to a remarkable tattoo. When her mum, Leslie Ann Bando, died of a sudden heart attack in December 2015 aged 59, Caitlin Hallock, 28, fretted about forgetting the sound of her voice. But Caitlin has...
  • Woman reveals how she was sectioned under the Mental Health Act because of an ovarian cyst
    A former shop assistant has revealed how an ovarian cyst led to her being sectioned under the Mental Health Act, after she began hallucinating and singing Justin Bieber songs on a loop. It was not until Anthea Holt, 32, had a seizure that doctors realised she was actually suffering from...
  • Mum releases shocking picture of her daughter 10 minutes before a life-threatening stroke
    One minute, a Hertfordshire mum was taking a beaming selfie with her family, on the top deck of a historic Routemaster bus, at the start of a festive adventure. Just 10 minutes later, senior scientific officer Debbie Schofield, 37, was fighting for life, after suffering a major stroke. Fortunately, her...
  • Meet the schoolgirl with physically uncombable hair – who strangers liken to Albert Einstein
    A six-year-old girl with hair so untameable she is likened to scientific genius Albert Einstein has a rare genetic disorder thought to affect just 100 people worldwide. Little Charleigh Sayor has uncombable hair syndrome, meaning her frizzy white-blonde barnet grows so slowly she has only ever had one haircut. Her...
  • Baby who was only expected to live a week thriving at ten months – thanks to her “handmade heart”
    A baby born with half a heart and only expected to survive for a week is now thriving at 10-months-old, thanks to doctors who built her a “handmade heart” using another infant’s valve. Mum Amber Fullarton, 18, of Glasgow, Scotland, says she will be eternally grateful to the baby’s brave...

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We have a range of real life content delivery methods to suit your needs, including; API, download portal and print production. To find out more please contact us.

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