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PA helps your audience keep on top of economic trends and financial news, with our high-value, topical and shareable digital content. Our team of finance journalists produce over 150 pieces of content every week, delivering the important news, insights, data, exclusive interviews and analysis to keep your audience in the loop.

Our ready-to-publish finance articles can be accompanied by a range of assets including quality images, social embeds and video. Constantly updated, always on trend – PA’s finance content offers a simple, cost-effective way of captivating your readers.

City News

Our City content covers companies, financial and currency markets and the trends influencing both business executives and the public. We produce reliable and rapid news articles covering the day’s stock market activity, exchange rate shifts and company results. In addition to this, PA conducts regular interviews with some of the biggest hitters in the world of business and finance.

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Whether your audience is composed of shrewd shareholders or conscious casuals, you can advise and inform your readers on personal finance with easy to comprehend data, specific industry news and market analysis. PA’s money news provides guidance on managing finances, key market trends and the general health of the economy.

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Our consumer tagged content is of public interest, providing your audience with insights in how business and regulatory trends affect the man or woman on the street. Whether your readers are looking for up-to-date consumer focused info on big retailers or large corporate banks, we distribute the content quickly and provide accurate reports so your audience can make informed decisions.

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PA provides a range of news and feature articles on the vast amount of economic data released by the Bank of England, the Office for National Statistics and relevant think tanks. This includes interest rate decisions, inflation readings, GDP data and manufacturing output, all written to be understood by the widest possible audience.

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Brexit is the UK news story of the moment and will continue to be so for years to come. PA content will help you stay on top of news in this area, whether that be the movement of banks from the Square Mile, companies taking a hit because of currency movements or the latest political developments that impact businesses.

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How do I receive PA’s finance content?

PA Ready

Ready-to-publish multimedia content

Our digital finance articles can be taken through PA Ready. Designed for organisations looking to access and publish complete multimedia articles on demand, PA takes the complexities out of content production. With up to five rich media assets attached to every story, your platform can instantly access the latest stories, helping it to become more up-to-date, more engaging and more shareable.

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PA Now

Lightning fast multimedia updates

Access the very latest news content through PA Now. This service provides a feed of constantly updated multimedia alerts direct to your desktop or mobile device – in words, pictures, video, graphics and social media. Ideal for any organisation that wants the news as it breaks, PA’s quickfire service will provide everything you need to begin building your story on any platform.

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