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Keep sport fans in touch with all the action with PA’s fast and accurate live data coverage.

Delivered as an XML feed or via our market-leading API, you can be sure to satisfy your fans’ needs - from the big hitters of football, rugby and horseracing to motorsport, snooker, tennis, athletics and more.

So don’t be left on the sidelines and ensure you are the go-to destination for the latest in-depth data coverage.

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Fast and flexible API delivery

The Press Association's football API provides high-quality data in an easier and more powerful way than ever before. 

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  • Key Benefits:
  • - cost effective
  • - fast
  • - multi-platform
  • - detailed
  • - request-driven.

Case Study

The Challenge: To make the Sky Sports website a go-to destination for audiences to access the latest Olympics and Paralympic schedules and results. The Context: PA has worked with Sky Sports over a number of years. However this was a…