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Our latest viral stories

  • This ‘stop Brexit’ protester stole the show during a serious TV interview
    An anti-Brexit protester stole the show on the BBC News channel on Wednesday morning, making every effort to distract from a serious interview on Britain’s departure from the EU. Brexit expert Georgina Wright had joined BBC presenter Annita McVeigh on the green outside the Houses of Parliament to unpick the...
  • Marouane Fellaini has finally cut his hair
    In a moment that has shocked many in the world of football, Marouane Fellaini has cut his hair. The Manchester United midfielder posted a picture of himself to Instagram at a hairdressers with his renowned curly locks, with the words. Referencing his impending 31st birthday, the Belgian midfielder wrote: “New...
  • How this stack of coins saved a First World War soldier’s life
    A stack of coins was found to be an unlikely lifesaver when a Reddit user revealed that his great-grandfather narrowly avoided being shot during the First World War thanks to the change in his pocket. Belgian soldier Optatius Buyssens was carrying a stack of coins in his jacket when a...
  • Stunning starling murmuration filmed in Scotland
    A spectacular starling murmuration has been pictured flying over the small town of Gretna in Scotland. The remarkable sight sees tens of thousands of birds swooping and diving in unison, forming a rolling cascade of movement in the evening sky. According to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds...
  • A BBC journalist has perfectly summed up how many people feel about Brexit
    A BBC journalist has given perhaps the most honest review of Brexit by a commentator yet, in a clip which has drawn plaudits on social media. Prime Minister Theresa May faces a crunch showdown with her Cabinet over her plan for exiting the European Union on Wednesday, but BBC political...
  • Is Theresa May’s Brexit plan ‘worst in history’? Some people have other ideas
    Theresa May faces an unenviable task as she hopes to convince her Cabinet, Parliament and the country that her proposed Brexit deal if the right way forward, if early reaction to the first draft is any measure. Though the DUP, Labour and numerous Eurosceptic Conservatives were quick to criticise the...

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