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Our latest viral stories

  • This lucky missing cat was reunited with his owners after travelling 60 miles in a lorry
    A cat who went missing for two weeks was reunited with his owner after he took an amazing 60-mile round trip in a supermarket delivery lorry. A driver for Morrisons drove from Sheffield to Wakefield and back again when the cat jumped out of the van. Six-year-old Dexter, who is...
  • A Londoner shaped his hedges into elephants and the internet loves his work
    Londoners received a pleasant surprise as an artistic Finsbury Park resident transformed his hedges into a herd of elephants. The hedges were brought to Twitter’s attention by journalist Rhalou Allerhand, who posted photos saying: “The world has gone to shit but it’s OK because someone has done this to their...
  • 12 of the smallest things people actually got into trouble for at school
    Usually, when a teacher punishes a student at school they’re right to do so. On rare occasions though, students are put in detentions for some incredibly silly reasons. Reddit user BayernMunich22 asked people on the website for their stories of the smallest, silliest things that landed them in big trouble...
  • This incredible footage shows how killer whales hunt their prey in Argentina
    This amazing footage shows the brutal methods that orcas, also known as killer whales, use when hunting their prey. The whales have been attacking sea lion pups in the Punta Norte Natural Reserve on the southern Argentine coast, displaying predatory hunting techniques. The species is highly social, and pass hunting...
  • This newborn red river hog will be the cutest thing you see all day
    Houston Zoo has announced a special arrival, as a newborn red river hog made its debut to visitors. The little hoglet was born on April 9 to first-time mother Vidilia, and shares his habitat with his mother, two adult hogs named Neptune and Luna, and young female hogs Artemis and...
  • The cute painted rocks you find while out and about are getting a dotty makeover
    A new trend is emerging in the world of painted rocks – a hobby which sees people decorate rocks and hide them outside for others to find. Rather than painting a character, scene or positive message, the rocks are getting dotty makeovers and the resulting mandalas are seriously eye-catching. With...

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