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PA’s viral content is designed to deliver fresh and unique stories that really stand out from the crowd. We offer up the best content,
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Our viral stories give you the type of offbeat commentary you didn’t think you could get from the PA
– whether it’s news, sport or just something weird that’s breaking the internet.

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Our content API is a great way to increase engagement with your readership in a cost effective way. With up to five rich media assets attached to every story, your platform can instantly access stories ready for digital use, helping it to become more up-to-date, more engaging and more shareable.

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For customers who wish to manually access our stories on an ad-hoc basis, we can offer a subscription to our download portal, where the relevant assets can be accessed on a story-by-story basis.

Our latest viral stories

  • 7 times this sassy Twitter account used humour for a serious road safety message
    Sometimes the person behind a Twitter account just nails a response or a tweet. The mystery tweeter combines the right amount of sass and pop culture to deliver their official message within 280 characters. With that we introduce @AZDot – officially Arizona Department of Transportation – the government organisation tasked...
  • People were asked to reveal their innermost secrets and here are the replies
    Most of us have something we’re keeping close to our chests but some of these people are the masters of secrecy. Reddit user adddramabutton asked people on the website what they are hiding from others and some of the responses were so sweet. Here are eight of the best answers:1. Comment...
  • The heartwarming tale of how a bullied sheep became friends with a wild pig
    An unlikely friendship between a pig and a sheep has warmed the hearts of thousands of people online. A year ago, the old ram was being bullied by younger sheep and the farmer opted to move it into a field of its own. That’s when the wild pig showed up....
  • Watch the emotional moment football fans showered sick children with cuddly toys
    Fans at a football match threw cuddly toys down from the stands to kids from a children’s hospital. The feelgood moment took place during a match between Dutch teams Feyenoord and Excelsior in Rotterdam on Sunday. Videos shared online see supporters hurling scores of teddy bears and stuffed animals to...
  • Spectators in Mexico run from dangerous fireworks during traditional display
    Luis Enrique Urban Gomez is itching to get back to business making fireworks despite suffering serious burns in an explosion. The 20-year-old Mexican was tidying up at his family’s fireworks storage shed as he did every day when a blast ripped through the warehouse next door, killing its owner, leaving...
  • Two adorable snow leopard cubs have been born at San Francisco Zoo
    San Francisco Zoo in California has posted videos and photos of two new arrivals – a pair of baby snow leopards. The clips show the cute cubs play-fighting together as they explore their enclosure with their mum. We’d say our snow leopard cubs had a successful first week exploring their...

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