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Our viral stories give you the type of offbeat commentary you didn’t think you could get from the PA
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Our content API is a great way to increase engagement with your readership in a cost effective way. With up to five rich media assets attached to every story, your platform can instantly access stories ready for digital use, helping it to become more up-to-date, more engaging and more shareable.

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Our latest viral stories

  • Women are giving heartwarming advice to their 20-year-old selves on social media
    Sometimes we all need a bit of life advice from people who have been there before. Women on Twitter have been sharing pieces of advice for 20-year-olds, and the younger generation have been seizing their wisdom. Professor Nyasha Junior kicked off the conversation, asking women aged 40 and older what...
  • Watch time-lapse of rare foul-smelling plant as it blooms at Toronto Zoo
    A rare and rather stinky species of plant has bloomed at Toronto Zoo in Canada, with the zoo capturing the spectacular flowering cycle in a time-lapse video. The metre-tall plant, amorphophallus titanum, is nicknamed the corpse flower due to its highly pungent aroma. Posting the time-lapse video to Facebook, the...
  • These beautiful paintings drawn on found natural objects will make your jaw drop
    We’ve all seen paintings on canvas and paper in art galleries, but this artist uses a more unconventional method, using nature to find creative art materials. Artist Katie Brooks has gone viral for her inventive and striking paintings on the backs of leaves, shells, and even bumblebee wings. The university...
  • Here are the hilarious habits people developed through their jobs
    From subconsciously folding clothes, to telling off a stranger’s children, we’ve all accidentally slipped into work-mode when off the clock. One Reddit user wanted to know the strange habits people had developed as a consequence of working, and people had some hilarious answers. Here are 11 of the best, which...
  • This man was locked out of home when his smart doorbell thought he was Batman
    A homeowner wearing a Batman T-shirt was automatically locked out of his house when his security system detected the superhero’s face and thought it was an intruder. BJ May was at home in Georgia, where he uses a Nest smart doorbell coupled with Yale locks. The security system “automatically locks...
  • The true story about man spotted shaving on train in viral video
    A man who was mocked online after he was filmed shaving on a train has shared his full story, asking people not to mock him. Footage posted on Twitter showed an unidentified man, now known to be Anthony Torres, shaving with a razor and foam on a train from New...

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