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Web and Social Media Analytics

This day-long course focuses on how to track and measure the success of your website or social media accounts through web analytics and social media analytic platforms.

Designed to help you monitor traction and engagement with your online message, it also explores the challenges and potential controversies around aligning marketing strategy or editorial policy with digital success.

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Course Outline

Web analytics -based on Google Analytics

  • Which metrics can be monitored
  • Which metrics matter and how they’re related
  • How marketing strategy or editorial decisions are effected by web data
  • Why SEO is relevant

Social Media: Facebook Insights

  • Post success – impressions, reach, engagement and the difference between them.
  • Understanding Engagement – engagement metrics and how they relate to strategy.
  • Tracking and understanding audiences – who are your followers and why, what is their reach and how it affects strategy.
  • Downloading reports – how to track and measure analytics month-on-month.

Social Media: Twitter Analytics

  • Tweet impressions v engagement and how to track success.
  • Follower data and how to apply that to strategy.

Social Media: LinkedIn Insights

  • Tracking success of updates.
  • Comparing impressions with engagement.
  • Understanding follower demographics.

Social Media: Dashboard/third party analytics

  • Which to use, why, how and when
  • Understanding the strengths and limitations of dashboard reports


  • Creating marketing or editorial strategy based on data.
  • Exploring the challenges of tracking analytics.
  • Understanding the controversy of ‘click chasing’ .

Ready to enrol?

Join our course for £468 including VAT

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