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Succeeding As An Independent Digital Media Professional

This interactive, creative and highly practical workshop is led by Daniel Lee, an experienced editorial consultant and a journalist for The Guardian, The Times and the Evening Standard. It will give you the tools and the skills to set up as a freelance, create your own digital or print start-up or build a new PR presence for your company or campaign.

There will be extensive help, including case studies, for generating ideas, winning contracts and developing your own business plan. The workshop will give you everything you need to be confident about taking the plunge into the digital world or starting out as an “entrepreneurial journalist”.

Full of case studies and success stories, it is aimed at anyone who wants the freedom to take an independent path in the creative industries, including journalists, marketeers, PR professionals, writers, filmmakers and publishers.

This course will give you techniques to simplify and clarify your written work – emails, reports, letters – to make your writing resonate with your customers and colleagues.


Course Outline

What do you want to achieve?

  • Defining your aims and approach
  • Specialist versus generalist
  • Creating and finding opportunities(Preliminary exercise set before course for discussion on arrival)

Essential skills overview

  • Finding your USP (unique selling point): developing your identity/brand: from focusing your strengths to building your income
  • Finding ideas: from social media to face-to-face sources and smartphone video
  • Production and distribution: including verifying content, design and SEO


  • The equipment and software you need, and its cost
  • How to use what you’ve got to be professional
  • Where and how to host your content

Being an entrepreneur and management

  • Running the organisation: business plans, costing, workspaces, organising your time and managing others
  • Law, tax and accounts
  • Professional advice and insurance
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All courses can be run at the Press Association offices

in London, Victoria or on your own premises.

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