Social Media Summer School

Social Media Summer School

Want to brush up on your ‘social skills’? This three-day social media course is bookable as a whole or as a pick and mix of different morning or afternoon sessions. (NB Social Video on Thursday 17th is a whole day)

Designed to bring you up to speed with the latest tips and techniques, the ‘Social Summer School’ will show you how to really engage your audiences on social media.

This workshop is ideal for PR and communications teams, journalists, freelancers, start-ups, SMEs, charities, NGOs and many others. We keep jargon and ‘tech-speak’ to a minimum and focus on delivering practical skills in a fun and accessible way. It is not designed for total newcomers to social media. A basic working knowledge of Twitter, Facebook etc is essential.

Tuesday 15 August Wednesday 16 August Thursday 17 August
1000-1300 Social Media Strategy Social Discovery Social Video Part 1
1400-1700 Instagram Social Best Practice Social Video Part 2

Day 1 – Let’s Get Social

Starting with an overview of the current social media landscape and behaviours, you will learn how to build a really effective Social Media Content Strategy. 

  • Identify your objectives and how to measure them
  • Find and target your audiences and influencers
  • Establish which platforms to use and appropriate strategies for each
  • The psychology of social media – what works and what doesn’t
  • Content creation and planning
  • Pitfalls and how to avoid them, crisis planning
Advanced Twitter
Writing and editing for the web and mobile

Mastering the Art of Instagram

Instagram is brilliant for brands and visual storytelling but getting it to work for you isn’t quite as simple as it seems – there’s an art to it and this course will turn you into a master.

This half day course, which perfectly complements the morning session, will help you to understand what needs to be done to develop and implement a clear and effective strategy, a consistent tone and style and how to beat the algorithm.

We’ll cover how the platform works and all the latest features, how to get found, the art of the hashtag, finding communities and creating engaging beautiful content using various tools and apps.

You will create content, edit photos, make carousels and video and we’ll show you how to plan and create an engaging Instagram story.

Day 2 – Social Discovery – using Social Media for essential research

Have you ever wondered how to find things on social media? People, ideas, stories, influencers, potential customers, fans, anything? Described as “a game changer” this half day course will leave you confident to use social media to find pretty much anything you’re looking for.

This course is designed to help you master various social media tools for research and how to listen and monitor conversations and trends. Packed with tips and tools, you’ll learn advanced search techniques for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google and wonder how you ever managed to find anything before.

It will also tell you what to watch out for and cover basic but critical verification techniques.

Social Media Best Practice

This is your chance to really polish up your social skills. In addition to reviewing case studies and examples of best practice, this is your opportunity to audit and review work you’ve created and see how to make it more effective.

You need to stop people scrolling and grab their attention in the first few seconds so if your headline doesn’t work then you’ve lost them. This course will help brush up your writing skills and show what really works in the battle for attention.

With plenty of hands-on headline writing practice, content creation and immediate feedback you’ll learn a few simple but effective tricks to make your content stand out from the noise on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

Day 3 – Get Smart with Social Video

Discover how to use your iPhone to create short and shareable visual content


  • You’ll learn the basic principles of film-making and storytelling
  • Essential tips for filming and editing using your smartphone
  • How to plan your videos/stories
  • What formats and style work for social video
  • How to grab attention and engage audiences
  • How to add intros, titles and subtitles to your video
  • Turn static photos into shareable videos and create Gifs or Memes
  • How to optimise content for the different social platforms
  • You’ll be given clear guidance on ‘Mojo’ kit like lenses, microphones, tripods and lights etc
  • Which apps to use for creating engaging visual content and adding captions.


During the day you will shoot and edit a basic film and create a number of short shareable videos/gifs from photos on your phone.

Identify your objectives; how best to finding and target your audiences; the psychology of social media – what works and what doesn’t.

An introduction to social media best practice and how to create great content for Facebook & Twitter. It will help make your content stand out from the noise and engage people. (Instagram will be covered fully the next day).

The Tutor – Sue Llewellyn

Sue Llewellyn is a former BBC reporter and producer with over 15 years experience as a journalist in the TV newsroom.

Since leaving the BBC nine years ago, she has worked with leadership teams to create top level digital strategy and bespoke social media training for a wide range of clients including: BBC News, BBC Radio, The Financial Times, RTÉ, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Team GB, the FA, British Council, BBC Academy, Bank of England, Immediate Media group and many others.

She pioneered the introduction of ‘Twitter Masterclasses’ in the heart of the BBC newsroom and since 2009 has been responsible for designing and leading social media training across the corporation.

To date she has personally trained over 5000 journalists, programme-makers, PRs, NGOs, editors and executives including many of the top names in British broadcasting. She is also a regular speaker at conferences in the UK and Europe on the psychology of social media and how journalists and newsrooms can best use it to engage their audiences.

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Half day: £195 plus VAT

Full day: £350 plus VAT

Three days: £900 plus VAT


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