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Writing for Broadcast

Develop your writing skills to work in tv, digital video, radio or podcasting.

This highly practical session is built around exercises drawn from real broadcast stories and thought provoking writing games. The atmosphere is fun and enjoyable and there’s lot of mutual support.

The session will give you tips, techniques and confidence to write effectively and engagingly to video or audio content on traditional and new media platforms.

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Course Outline

Writing for the voice

  • How to write conversationally
  • Exploring how simple you can make your writing
  • Adapting your writing for different presenters

Writing to pictures

  • What the journalist wants in a press release
  • The problem of writing for multiple audiences
  • Avoiding over-branding and excessive marketing-speak

Writing headlines and trails

  • How to balance teasing and telling
  • Writing to keep the viewer or listener engaged
  • How to use detail to sell a story

Sequencing and structuring

  • How to keep control of your material and write a clear story
  • How to use sequences and write to them
  • Pacing and sustaining interest

Digital video

  • How to be extra concise
  • Writing for on-screen text
  • Getting the tone right for social media

Switching between platforms

  • How to vary your style between platforms
  • Writing for long form v. short form output
  • Key principles writing principles across all platforms

Understand the best practices and emerging ideas for building relationships with external stakeholders

Use the right tools, understand the key channels and how to use them to cover your campaign.

Learn what journalists want to see, get your press releases picked up and published.

Learn how to optimise your media performances and work more effectively with journalists

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Where to find us


Our training courses are held at our training centre located in Monument, London.


PA Training

First Floor

Northern & Shell Building

10 Lower Thames Street

London EC3R 6EN


Bespoke training gives you the option of delivering the course either onsite at our training centre or offsite at your preferred location.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our team members will be in touch.


+44 (0) 20 7963 7920


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