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Media Law

Having a detailed up-to-date knowledge of the law as it affects journalists and publishers has never been more important. Getting things wrong legally can be costly and can have a negative impact on an entire business – and in a digital age, you can be sure that mistakes will not go unnoticed.

Our engaging law refresher gives working journalists, writers and press officers the practical knowledge they need to spot problems before publication and brings delegates up to speed with the latest developments. Suitable for anyone writing or publishing information, whether in print, online or through social media

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Course Outline

The law in action

  • You and the law – the legal and ethical framework
  • Rights and restrictions – freedoms and constraints
  • Civil and criminal risks – could you be sued or prosecuted?

Defamation law

  • Key libel risks – the danger areas. Who can sue?
  • Defamation Acts 1996 and 2013 – what does the law say?
  • Key libel defences – truth, privilege, honest opinion, etc. How to stay safe

Privacy law

  • Confidentiality and company secrets
  • Article 8 – protecting people’s right to privacy. Public interest exceptions
  • Life after Leveson – publishing in a digital age

Contempt of court

  • Crime and court stories – what can you report?
  • Sex offence victims and children in court
  • Arrested and charged? Celebrities in the news

Social media

  • Different platforms, different risks
  • User generated content – who is liable?
  • Online defences and good practice guidance

Copyright law

  • Who owns what in a digital world?
  • Latest developments in copyright law
  • Latest case studies in copyright actions

This flexible course can be dovetailed to delegates’ specific requirements and interests ranging from data protection and freedom of information to the regulation of investigatory powers, investigative journalism, protection of sources, the Bribery Act, photography in public places, online offences and trolling.

Ready to enrol?

Join our course for £390 (exc. VAT)

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