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Headline Writing for Print and Online

This practical, skills-led course will help you create effective headlines that sell content and attracts readers across print, online and digital media.

Journalists and sub-editors from all sectors who want to improve every aspects of their headline writing, especially online. Also relevant for those working in public relations and marketing.

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Course Outline

The formula for writing effective, attention-grabbing news headlines

How to make all your news headlines fulfil their objectives

The difference between writing headlines for print, online and apps

Why all routes to the reader require different headline styles

Why SEO is crucial for headlines and standfirsts

A basic introduction to SEO that will help your headlines to stand out

Understanding the new rules for feature headlines

How to write headlines that convince readers to read – and stay with long-form features

How to use puns in a SEO-driven world

SEO may not understand puns but there are ways of using the subeditor’s favourite

Why every headline on a page/screen is an opportunity to sell content to the reader

Making sure you don’t miss a chance to promote your content

Writing better coverlines, standfirsts (sells), picture captions, pulled quotes and contents page lines

It’s not just about writing great headlines. Every element on the page/screen has to pull its weight.

Ready to enrol?

Join our course for £390 (exc. VAT)

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