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What makes news: get more stories in the media

This intensive course will give you a much greater understanding of how media organisations function, who the key decision makers are, and how editorial decisions made. By the end of the course, you will understand what makes a story and how to create narratives that will be of interest to the media. You’ll be equipped with a range of tools and strategies to use the media to your advantage.

This course is for anyone interested in securing more media coverage for their business or organisation. PRs, marketing professionals, business executives and content creators.

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Course Outline

How the media works; understanding the editorial process

  • How newsrooms are organised
  • How the editorial decision-making process works
  • News as a creative discipline

What makes news? 

  • The four ‘W’s checklist
  • Change and relevance, what they mean for the storyteller
  • Story types: from stunts and surveys to ‘newsjacking’ and

How to analyse media and their audiences

  • Using the web to access audience information
  • The importance of media analysis
  • Matching your story to the media

How to deal with the press: what does the media want from you

  • The importance of targeting the right journalist
  • What journalists want from you & common mistakes made by PRs
  • What makes a good PR operator in the eyes of the media?

Looking for opportunities outside the news agenda

  • Identifying opportunities to deliver content
  • Understanding how publications vary their content
  • Taking advantage of regular features, special reports and supplements

Preparing your story for broadcast – what broadcasters want from you

  • The importance of planning: Timescales and lead times in TV logistics
  • What makes good TV pictures?
  • The need for eloquent, well-trained spokespeople

Ready to enrol?

Prices from £386 excluding VAT

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