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Is Your PR Working – PR Evaluation

Is your PR working? And how do you know? Equally importantly, how do you demonstrate to your colleagues and clients that your public relation campaigns are working?

This course will bring you up to speed on the latest trends in PR evaluation and give you the tools to measure your success. Using tutorials, practical exercises, case studies and discussion it will help you meet the challenges and demands of modern PR evaluation.

This course is for anyone who works in an external communications role either in-house or for an agency, but also for anyone who has to assess the impact of public relations and media.

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Course Outline

Embedding evaluation into the planning process

  • The importance of setting measurable objectives
  • Relating your metrics to your objectives
  • Putting evaluation at the heart of your PR plans

Outputs and outcomes: understanding the difference

  • The Barcelona principles: background
  • Understanding the limitations of traditional measurement
  • Why the focus has moved away from outputs to outcomes

Audience measurement – the need for qualitative measurement

  • Why measuring outputs isn’t enough
  • The challenge of measuring outcomes cost-effectively
  • Using a media metrics framework

Horses for courses – designing your own measurement template

  • Assessing your existing measurement tools
  • DIY measurement – using the PESO model
  • Adapting your reporting for the internal audience

Learn the basics, get up to speed quickly on the fundamentals of public relations.

Learn the best practices, advance your PR knowledge as we examine the best practices of PR.

Use the right tools, understand the key channels and how to use them to cover your campaign.

Learn to write press releases that really work and how to maximise their impact.

Ready to enrol?

Join our course for £390 (exc. VAT)

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