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Social Media for Finding News and Contributors

This day-long course, delivered by former BBC journalist and social media consultant Sue Llewellyn, is a practical, hands-on session on how to use social media for newsgathering.

Designed to help you find people, stories and follow breaking news, it explores the digital landscape and the emergence of new messaging channels and trends.

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Course Outline

The digital landscape

  • Where do you currently find information
  • Introduction to useful online platforms and sources
  • Changing behaviours

Social search

  • Basic search using Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms
  • Finding and following breaking news

Finding people and communities

  • Finding good sources and people to follow
  • Searching for knowns and unknowns
  • How to identify key influencers, communities and conversations

Advanced search tips and techniques

  • Language, useful filters and date search
  • Geolocation – how to find people in specific locations

Managing the flood

  • Finding and creating useful lists
  • How to filter news from noise using Tweetdeck filters
  • Other useful filtering tools for desktop and mobile

Avoiding pitfalls

  • Understanding the basics of verification – reverse image search etc
  • Ethics and etiquette – how to approach contributors
  • Legal issues – copyright and permissions

At the end of this course, participants will have a clear understanding of how to search social media: find information, geolocate people and uncover original stories. They will also understand the basics of how to search and verify UGC content.

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