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Safe Use of Social Media for Employees

This e-learning course is aimed at businesses who want to give staff clear guidance about the safe use of social media online to protect both the company and employees. Available on all devices and taking about 30 minutes to complete, it can be tailored to individual businesses and include their own social media policies.

The interactive course explores how a single social media post can damage an organisation’s reputation and lead to disciplinary action, or even dismissal, for employees – even if it happens outside work.

Using real-world examples and straight-talking advice, the course will help employees keep themselves, and their employer, out of trouble.

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Learning objectives

At the end of the course the employee will:

  • Understand the types of unprofessional behaviour they should avoid online.
  • See how they can be ‘caught on camera’ by someone else’s social media post.
  • See how the prevalence of information online means we’re never anonymous.
  • Realise that social media is never really private and even unintentional posts can get them into trouble.
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Course outline

  • The power of social media in action
  • Criticising your employer
  • Criticising your colleagues
  • Inappropriate behaviour
  • ‘Caught on camera’
  • Quick quiz
  • “Fat finger” syndrome
  • Privacy & confidentiality
  • Bullying & harassment
  • Libel & defamation
  • Quick quiz

Using real-world examples, this course will help employees understand the risks of talking about work on their personal social media accounts, and how even a single post could get them reprimanded, suspended or worse.


By educating employees, the course will help protect the employer against reputational and business costs that an employee’s unprofessional behaviour could cause.


This course is designed for all employees within an organisation.

Social media elearning


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