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Infographics and Visual Journalism

An introduction to creating infographics and data visualisations for a general audience. Combining discussion, hands-on tool learning and group work, we cover basic design considerations, storytelling and some useful dos and don’ts to help you communicate your data more effectively.

This course is for anyone working with data, but needs to make it interesting and accessible to the general public. A basic working knowledge of Excel is required, but other basic tools will be taught from beginner level.

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Course Outline

Understanding of why infographics and data visualisations are effective

  • Why we need to consider using infographics / data visualisations
  • Past examples

How to improve your basic charts

  • Sorting your information
  • Formatting
  • Pie charts – do’s and don’ts

Considerations about audience and aim/message

  • Who is the audience? Where are they? How does this affect attention and what they want
  • What are you trying to say? What do you want the audience to see / understand first?
  • Where is the infographic going? (i.e. social media, printed report) – this will affect how you design it

Developing a work flow to turn your data into an infographic

  • Using a pre-prepared data set attendees are guided through a process to create an infographic
  • Consideration about usefulness of each piece of data
  • Hierarchy
  • Grouping
  • Shaping the infographic
  • Layout
  • Digitising the results

Develop basic knowledge of Tableau, Piktochart and RAW and understand their uses

  • Tableau – basic charting, quick lters, mapping and dashboards
  • Piktochart – the basics, how to get the most from it, when to use it
  • RAW – basic introduction – playing with data

Discussion on layout as a tool for storytelling

  • Using examples we critique the layout of various infographics
  • Do they help or hinder the audience?
  • Discussion about style over substance

Thinking about colour and typography

  • Group discussions on examples of infographics
  • Effects of colour and typography to de ne mood and story

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Our training courses are held at our training centre located in Monument, London.


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Bespoke training gives you the option of delivering the course either onsite at our training centre or offsite at your preferred location.

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