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Managing Editorial Teams

On request, PA Training runs various strands of training about how to manage and run journalist teams. They are designed for editors, prospective editors or those who might be stepping up to the role shortly, in the Media industry. The sessions feature content on, for example, ‘The Journalist as a Manager’ and ‘The Modern Editor’. With 150 years of running news and newsrooms, the Press Association has extensive knowledge in this area.

The courses can be entirely tailored to your media organization or business using examples or issues specifically related to you and your team. We conduct extensive research ahead of the training about the precise issues that individual delegates are facing.

The training can be one, two or three days long and use a mixture of presentation, practical exercises, case studies (relevant to you) and discussion. Once the courses are completed we offer aftercare and one to one feedback sessions as required.

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Course Outline Options


  • The modern media landscape and its challenges
  • The many hats of the modern editorial manager
  • Making the most of the internet


  • Inspiring your team
  • Getting the best out of journalists
  • Managing tricky people
  • Dealing with a crisis


  • How to utilize your team to develop a winning content strategy
  • Managing change and how to ensure it succeeds
  • Creating a better product with static resources


  • How to delegate better
  • How to recruit the right staff
  • The money side of the business
  • Dealing with higher management

Learn what works – and what doesn’t – in social media.

Learn how to effectively search and verify essential information, find people, go back in time and investigate organisations

How to maximise the impact of the copy that you create or edit

Learn how to manage the fall-out from a crisis in today’s social media-driven world – before it happens

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All courses can be run at the Press Association offices

in London, Victoria or on your own premises.

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