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Learn to Shoot & Edit Video

This two-day crash course is designed to teach the basics of shooting and editing video content.

Day one teaches the basics of planning a production and shooting material – ‘talking head’ interviews, news stories and promos. Delegates are taught video camera technology, framing shots, recording good sound and using basic lighting kit or available light, as necessary.

Day two is focused on editing footage to create a news type ‘package’ with an introduction to video editing software to prepare your video for broadcast or publishing on the web.

Course Outline


  • Storyboarding and scripting your piece
  • Production schedule and doing a checklist
  • Research and doing a ‘recce’


  • Basic interviewing skills
  • Closed & open questions
  • Advice and best practice examples


  • Importance of technical quality
  • Using a tripod effectively
  • Framing shots and composition
  • Shooting illustrative material: general views and cutaways


  • How to use the manual focus, pull focus and depth of field
  • Controls: iris, shutter, gain and lens angle
  • Importance of white balances

Lighting and sound

  • Best practice for shooting indoors and out
  • The 3 point lighting set up
  • Why sound is vital, even in video
  • The choice of microphone


  • Editing, digitising and ingesting a 2-minute news package
  • The basics of the Premiere Pro interface
  • Organising and ordering clips

Rough Cuts

  • Creating and refining a ‘rough cut’
  • Editing to the timeline
  • Re-ordering sequences/creating breathing space

Audio, Video Transitions and Captions

  • Adding basic video & audio transitions
  • Adding basic video effects and colour correction
  • How to add titles and captions
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Key Information

  • Course Length: 2 days
  • Next Course: 30/03/17
  • Course Location: 292 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, SW1V 1AE

The Tutor

Tom MavroTom Mavro

Tom has worked as a freelance trainer, consultant, video editor and DVD producer for the past five years. He also runs his own company and is an Apple Solutions Expert.

Tom has over this period been involved with a number of DVD and video-editing projects, including Most Haunted for Living TV, DVD projects for Rolls Royce, Jaguar cars, EIDOS and the Sunday Times.

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