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Crisis Management

Learn how to manage the fall-out from a crisis in today’s social media-driven world – before it happens. Handled well, damage can be limited; handled badly and it can have a huge effect on image and profits. This course examines worst-case scenarios and what to do when things go wrong.

Managers, communication professionals and customer service professionals who need a ‘what-if?’ mechanism in place should something go wrong.

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Course Outline

Planning in advance to prevent crises 

  • Identifying potential issues and assessing their likelihood and impact on reputation, finances, operations and customer service
  • Deciding who should be in the crisis management team and the crisis communications team

Creating a tailor-made crisis strategy

  • Developing a framework for managing communication activities during a crisis
  • Deciding specific processes and procedures that will ensure consistency in crisis communication activities
  • Ensuring the media presents your organisation’s point of view

When the unexpected happens

  • Crafting the initial response to ensure your organisation controls the story
  • Producing useful briefing materials for the media
  • Media handling do’s and don’ts to get positive coverage

Empowering your employees

  • Ensuring employees understand your organisation’s viewpoint and are supportive of your actions
  • Finding roles for employees so they can become ambassadors to customers and other key stakeholders as the crisis unfolds
  • Ensuring leaders support the crisis communications plan and understand their roles

Ready to enrol?

Join our course for £468 including VAT

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