For many, the four Grand Slams provide a snapshot into the state of tennis and are the must-watch tournaments of the year.


Position yourself as tennis hub this year with PA’s detailed major coverage, featuring both the men’s and women’s tournaments including doubles events.


Keep your audience up to date with regularly updated schedule information, detailing the tournament draws, order of play and match results, alongside full calendar information for the ATP and WTA tours.


Cover every game of the majors with PA’s premium live scoring service. Secure the mobile audience with live match scores updated at the end of each point, detailing the points games and set information for every match.


Cover every Grand Slam from the build-up to the finals. Introduce every major with extensive preview packages, placing each tournament in the context of the wider season, detailing the players to watch and featuring pre-tournament player interviews.


Focusing on British competitors and leading participants in the men’s and women’s tour, PA’s tournament coverage includes match reports and quotes delivered shortly after the final point, daily leads on the women’s and men’s matches, sidebars around the tournament’s big stories and match previews for British competitors.


We are the authoritative source of Wimbledon content. With extensive access to the All England Club, PA will be providing enhanced coverage of the British major. Featuring a wealth of individual pieces offering a more in-depth look at the tournament, our Wimbledon content includes daily video highlights from the Lawn Tennis Association and extensive photo coverage.

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