Formula 1 2019 promises to be a heavyweight battle between one of the strongest driver line-ups in history. Will Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes, continue his pursuit to equal Michael Schumacher’s record of seven F1 titles, can Sebastian Vettel’s prancing horse finally gallop to Ferrari’s first Championship in over 10 years or is Max Verstappen set to become the youngest ever F1 world champion?


From Melbourne to Abu Dhabi via Paul Ricard, we will be at all 21 races of the 2019 season. We will start the year off with an extensive preview package for the new season including a Q&A overview and team-by-team guides.


For every grand prix, we begin our coverage on the Wednesday of race week with our key talking points. We will then cover the drivers’ press conference, the practice sessions, qualifying, race and all the paddock gossip. With our multi-asset articles, you will be giving your audience a grandstand view of every weekend’s action with our superb text, images, graphics and social media.


Ensure you have all of the results as they happen. We supply the full driver list and results for all practice sessions, qualifying and the race. Whilst a race is in progress we supply live lap-by-lap updates with the position of all the drivers at the end of each tour. This also includes details of any crashes and retirements, which lap the event occurred, as well as the fastest lap for all drivers specifying the lap it occurred on. Driver and Constructor standings are updated immediately post race and issued to customers within minutes of the completion of the race.

Outside of the race weekend we also supply full driver profiles and team histories


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