From explainers, how-to videos and reactions, we have a range of consumer-ready and rough-cut videos available now. Our royal engagement videos can be used for a range of different audiences across platforms including social media, websites and broadcast.

Videos include:

  • A look back at their regal romance

  • Five facts about the latest royal wedding

  • Meghan Markle in 60 seconds

  • Prince Harry in 60 seconds

  • Who will make the wedding guest list?

  • Length of previous royal engagements

  • How to get Meghan Markle's hair style

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Ready to publish articles

Access the latest news, lifestyle and viral articles with PA Ready.

Designed for organisations looking to access and publish complete multimedia articles on demand, PA takes the complexities out of content production. With a wealth of rich media assets embedded in every story, your platform can instantly access the latest stories,


We have a range of clear, easy-to-digest infographics that our team of expert designers and data journalists have put together.

All graphics are enhanced for mobile, while cut-down, simpler, shareable versions are available for online stories and social media.

Graphics include:

  • Age of royals at announcement of engagement

  • Royal wedding locations

  • Length of royal engagements

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Puzzles and Quizzes

Perfect for prize giveaways to celebrate the occasion or just as part of your royal coverage, our puzzles and quizzes are designed to effortlessly sit on both print and digital platforms.


In addition to puzzles and quizzes, benefit from a fascinating horoscope created by the UK’s most loved astrologer, Russell Grant. With impeccable royal credentials, he was the first astrologer in over 300 years to present a Horoscope reading to HRH Queen Mother.

Puzzles and Quizzes include:

  • Russell Grant’s Royal Couple Horoscope

  • Royal Wedding Crossword

  • Royal Wedding Wordsearch

  • Royal Wedding Quizzes

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