Screens showing RADAR news output

The demand for quality local news, holding power to account and keeping audiences informed and engaged, is higher than ever.

RADAR is a new service which harnesses the power of technology to deliver incisive, fact-based news stories to local media across the UK and Ireland. It brings together PA, the national news agency with over 150 years' experience in supplying quality content, and Urbs Media, a tech driven start up using a combination of reporters and automation to mass localise news.

Reports And Data and Robots (RADAR) is a global first in successfully combining humans and machine to scale up local news production across core local news pillars such as; health, education, crime, transport, housing and environment. RADAR is moving towards a full market launch and is expected to be able to create 30,000 localised stories each month.

Watch the recorded webinar where PA's Editor-in-Chief, Pete Clifton and RADAR's Alan Renwick outline the details of the service; how the technology works, the content topics, the assets we will produce and the ways in which news outlets can access and use the service.

Topics covered:

AI and automation in the newsroom: When and how?

Using data to tell local stories and engage audiences

Targeting hyper-local communities

Your hosts:

Pete Clifton, Editor-in-Chief

Pete is responsible for PA’s editorial content across all formats. He also leads the continuing transformation of the agency to a digital-focused, multi-platform business. Pete joined PA from MSN in 2015, having previously spent 15 years at the BBC in a number of senior editorial roles.

Alan Renwick, CEO of Urbs Media

Alan leads the RADAR project alongside Gary Rogers. Alan and Gary co-founded Urbs Media in 2015 as a tech driven news agency. Prior to forming Urbs, Alan was Strategy Director at Local World, and has more than 30 years' experience in the local, national and international news industries.

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