TV Metadata

TV schedules in the connected world


Accommodate the growing demands of TV platforms

As TVs get smarter and offer next-generation functionality such as recommendations or actor-based search, extra TV metadata is required above and beyond the usual time, title and synopsis.

Our system is built and maintained in-house, meaning that we can easily iterate it to accommodate the increasing demands of the rapidly changing broadcast industry.

TV metadata storage

TV show metadata within the Pawa library is held in a simple hierarchy of Programme > Series > Episode > Version.

Metadata can be stored at each of those levels as appropriate. This hierarchy can be used when producing output files, and if data is missing at any level, the output will fall back to the previous level instead to ensure there are no gaps in the data.

Data is stored as efficiently as possible and allows us to add more granular metadata where required.

Metadata can be added separately at individual schedule event level. This affords greater flexibility to tailor EPG schedules to a certain promotion or theme without affecting library data.

The exact TV metadata stored in Pawa is completely customisable. Any number of fields can be added and configured as necessary.

The functionality ranges from gathering keywords, driving recommendation engines, assigning common IDs between related content, to creating associations between TV programming.

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