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Empowering Content

Metadata lies at the heart of TV Content Discovery. We can help your audience to find great content tailored to them, whenever and wherever they want.


Guiding consumers to find the TV content they want to watch

A cost-effective, scalable and future-proof solution

Our software is constantly enhanced by our in-house development team to provide consistent, high-quality services

Excellent customer service and first-class TV experiences

The PA TV Metadata team are passionate about TV and always understand our customer requirements and unique business models

Industry-leading metadata tools and expert editorial staff

We are constantly evaluating the EPG and TV metadata marketplace in order to meet customer needs and exceed expectations

TV metadata solutions, real time, any time

Our international business has gone from strength to strength and PA TV Metadata has made hundreds of changes to platform exports, from second-accurate EPG delivery and bespoke coding for channels to catch up and sideloading flags

The biggest names in TV use our services to inspire consumers

Our Story

With more than 30 years’ experience of data aggregation, PA Media’s market-leading TV listings service is relied upon by the best websites, apps, newspapers and magazines in the business, including Sky and Radio Times.


EBS joined PA Media Group in 2018 and offers effective and innovative TV channel management, enhancement, and distribution services to a growing roster of global clients.


The two entities have now combined and rebranded as PA TV Metadata, facilitating the development of bespoke and effective solutions to provide quality, accurate and comprehensive EPG and VOD metadata services to platforms and channels worldwide.

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