Media Outreach

Introducing Media Outreach

Finding the right journalists and influencers who are interested in your story is key to gaining coverage in an increasingly busy media landscape. Our Media Outreach platform gives you the tools to build and automatically update targeted distribution lists from a global database of more than one million media contacts and outlets.

Our solution enables you to identify your target influencers, connect and build beneficial relationships to ensure your messages make an impact – and to quickly discover new contacts to keep up with industry changes

Industry leading data

With more than a million global media contacts at your fingertips and 99.4% data accuracy, you can trust our solution to create your customised outreach

Direct emails

Send and track your outreach to targeted contacts in the platform and easily monitor the interaction on your campaigns with the integrated metrics

Integrated Newswire

Media Outreach offers direct publishing of press releases to the PA national newswire, which is relied on by 100% of major newsrooms across the UK

Media Outreach platform

Media Outreach platform

Exceptional customer support and service

We provide support and service that goes above and beyond to ensure you get the most from your investment. We offer:

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