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PA Group People: Zaina, Snappa Writer

Zaina photo

I work within the SNAPPA department, sourcing and creating unique stories around the world’s trending topics. From Twitter to Instagram and  Reddit to YouTube, we  supply a quirky take on what everyone’s talking  about. We also offer fun features, l  lists and quizzes, as well as the day’s  news, sports and showbiz updates you don’t  want to miss.

As soon as I step into the office, I scour social media to find out what’s got  the world talking to produce pieces with a fresh spin that will engage and  entertain audiences. I also keep an eye on videos that have gone viral, be  it fascinating social experiments or adorable animal  clips. Occasionally, I  attend various events (mostly showbiz-related) to  get a first-hand  experience on the popular stories in the limelight.

I joined Press Association a year or so ago as a participant on their  Become a Journalist: Multimedia Magazine Journalism course. Having the completed the course successfully, I was invited to join the SNAPPA service and given the opportunity to work within a team that allows me to produce content that appeals to my interests.

I enjoy working for SNAPPA because it has given me the chance to take the reins on the content I produce. Having the freedom to source and write fun and engaging pieces, as well as present important news in bite-size, digestible articles, working for SNAPPA has allowed me to improve not only my skills as a writer but my confidence too, as well as to discover different avenues to journalism I had not considered before.


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