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On Demand Highlights: As the UK’s national news agency we pride ourselves on content that is fast, fair and accurate. On-Demand Top 10s is no different and the team is dedicated to carefully curating a list that saves people time in an entertaining style.

Images: Each Top 10 listing is accompanied by a high-res, eye-catching image. Grab the reader’s attention and encourage them to spend more time on your platform increasing click through rates in the process.

Data: Extensive research is carried out daily by the PA team, we work closely with industry contacts to ensure our data is accurate and only the best programmes are featured in the on-demand package. Data supplied includes series, season and episode number, plus much more.

Bespoke: Can’t find what you need? We regularly carry out bespoke work tailored to our clients’ needs.

Why PA’s Top 10s on-demand?

High-quality content: Access well-informed and inspiring suggestions of the latest box sets available, curated by our specialists.

Let your audience be the first to know: our content is rapidly delivered automatically via API.

Save time and money: We've written the preview, included the relevant data and imagery, saving your team a huge amount of resource.

Be the go-to source: By helping your audience find the right programmes and movies our content will encourage your audience to return time and time again.

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