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Morning Briefing

Our daily news and intelligence update on the media, tech and telecoms sectors

Delivering essential news and information to senior executives in internet, broadcast, media, telecoms and technology companies via the Morning Briefing.

PA Media’s trusted solution to information overload, delivering fast, fair and accurate intelligence on key news across telecommunications.


What is the Morning Briefing?

As a daily email alert service, the Morning Briefing is the trusted solution to information overload within the sector. Providing essential news and intelligence updates across internet, broadcast, media, telecoms and technology.

What the Morning Briefing delivers:

Always accurate:

Created by journalists at the UK’s national news agency

Who’s who:

Allows you to understand the key industry movers and shakers

Trustworthy content:

We only share information from reliable sources


Delivered at the same time every day, without fail

Easy to read:

Bite-sized sections ensure it is easily digestible in a short amount of time

What does the briefing cover?

Breaking news

Internet stories

Broadcast news

Print news

General media

Media policy



Online archive

How is the briefing delivered?

The Morning Briefing is delivered to recipients’ inboxes by 08:30, Monday – Friday

The Weekend Round-Up containing key developments as reported by weekend newspapers arrives every Monday at 07:30

We also send out alerts on major breaking stories, straight to your inbox.

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