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  • Woman releases graphic images after her dog ‘crunched’ through her finger
    A woman has released shocking pictures of the moment her beloved rescue dog bit her right index finger off, leaving it hanging by just a fleshy thread. Alexandra Ross, 22, was forced to have 17 injections to eliminate her risk of contracting rabies because it was an unvaccinated dog. She...
  • Mum with breast cancer refuses conventional treatment to cure illness naturally
    A mum-of-four with breast cancer has turned down conventional treatment and instead plans to cure her illness through a combination of healthy eating, bitter almonds and purified water. Sarah Valentine was diagnosed with cancer after she noticed an indentation on her left breast, as she danced naked in front of...
  • Grieving mum with four-stone legs who was told to diet discovers she has rare condition
    A widowed mum has gone from wearing a size 14 to a size 24, after a rare condition caused her legs to fill with fatty deposits, weighing four stones each. Rachel Latimer, 43, from Norfolk, has lipoedema, which causes an abnormal build up of fat cells and tissue in the...
  • Mum reveals how her charming boy ‘screamed like the devil’ as meningitis took over
    A mum has told of the shocking moment her normally charming seven-year-old boy gripped the headboard in agony and “screamed like the devil” as meningitis took over his small body. “It was like a scene from The Exorcist,” teaching assistant Nicola Miller, 38, of Nottingham, said. “He was screaming and...
  • Top jockey left paralysed by tumour the size of a thumbnail
    Laura Barry, 24, originally from Limerick, Ireland, developed a pain in her left leg in January last year. Thinking she’d just injured herself, or was suffering as a result of her years as a star jockey,  Laura, who has lived in Malton, North Yorkshire since 2010, tried to put it...
  • Woman who had just two hours to live fulfils dream of becoming a bodybuilder
    A woman who was given just two hours to live, after her intestines split open and poisoned her body with faeces, has recovered and fulfilled her dream of becoming a competitive bodybuilder. Petra Nolan, 46, from Crayford, Kent, was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when her bowel split, leaking its contents...

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We have a range of delivery methods to suit your needs, including;  API, download portal and print production. To find out more please contact us.


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