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  • Adorable schoolboy with rare illness is cruelly dubbed alien by other children
    Little Nate Williams, four, may have faced bullies in the past, but his mum Jo, 45, says her boy is the most charismatic child in the class. Now she is sharing her youngest child’s unique journey in a bid to raise awareness. She also wants funds to take him on...
  • Meet the couple who love their chickens so much they made them part of their wedding day
    Lizzie Gatherer, 34, and her new husband Ky Gatherer, 42, delighted guests with their quirky nuptials. They secretly arranged for two of their beloved rescue chickens to appear in the ceremony. The pets wore knitted blue jackets, specially made to match the bridesmaids’ dresses – complete with a pouch to...
  • Tiny babies born at 25 weeks weighed less than a bag of sugar and were kept alive with PLASTIC BAGS
    Sadly, Samuel Wilkinson lost his fight for life at 16 days old, after being born weighing  just 1lb 12oz  on October 5, 2015. But his brother Harry – born 45 minutes later weighing even less at 1lb 10oz –  survived and is now a fighting fit one-year-old. The moment they...
  • Woman hiccups non-stop for eight years
    A woman has revealed how she suffered hiccups everyday for eight years, following a heavy night of partying. Danielle Kirkland, now 28, didn’t think much of it when she woke up one morning in March 2008 with the hiccups. But, concerned when they lingered for a few days, the mental health...
  • Mum-of-two is scarred for life on half-term ski trip
    A mum was left with horrific facial scars following a high-speed accident on the ski slopes, during a half term family holiday. Now teacher Louise Timbrell, 42, is attempting to sue insurers for the family of the child she said struck her with a pair of skis, which were slung...
  • One-in-million condition sees mum-of-two turn into a human statue
    Antoinette Acosta, 47, suffers from ultra-rare Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS), a neurological disorder which sees her muscles tense uncontrollably. Currently incurable, the condition makes day-to-day life a real struggle for Antoinette who, at her worst, can be left gasping for breath when her chest goes into spasm. As her voicebox...

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