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  • Woman develops face blindness after being run over – and can’t even recognise her closest friends
    A woman who was run over after a day at Wimbledon watching the tennis has been left with a rare condition meaning she cannot recognise faces – even of people she has met numerous times. Ruth Middleton, 51, was walking across Westminster Bridge after her day out when a motorbike...
  • Meet the Essex dad who bought his son a £3,000 hair transplant for his 18th birthday
    Owen Bigwood, 19, said the reality TV show TOWIE – featuring highly-groomed young people from the county – had thrown Essex men into the spotlight, making him horribly self-conscious about his thinning crown. He explained: “Growing up in Little Baddow, near Chelmsford, Essex, where everyone’s trying to look their best,...
  • A paralegal has shunned champagne and oysters for mealworms and termites
    Keen to promote their own brand of haute “creepy crawly” cuisine, the couple, both 28 – who started eating insects a year ago – insist their stomach-turning diet tastes so good their friends can’t wait to try their unusual food. “In the right dishes, insects can taste delicious,” Anouk insisted....
  • Mum has wedding dress turned into baby burial gowns after losing her daughter at four days old
    A mother has spoken movingly of her decision to have her wedding dress made into burial gowns for babies, after her own little girl died at just four days old. Johanne Lickers, 37, was devastated when her daughter, Teagan, passed away soon after being diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder...
  • ‘Trust your gut’ says hero dad who realised daughter’s ‘funny crying’ was sepsis
    A hero dad took his baby girl to hospital because she was “crying in a different way” – only for her to be diagnosed with life-threatening sepsis and put in a three-day coma. Now, Stu Bonsall is urging other parents to trust their instincts, even if they might “look an idiot”...
  • Supersized mum says son’s near-miss prompted her to shed eight stone
    7Gasping for breath, Jana Roller, 29, screamed for him to stop, as a car screeched to a halt just inches away from hitting him. Terrified of what could have been, she vowed to battle her size 24 bulges – swapping calorific pizzas for healthy chicken salad, and hitting the gym....

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