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  • Family buy tot with super-sized limbs first pair of trainers thanks to miracle massage machine
    Adorable Lincoln King was born with lymphoedema – a rare condition that causes both his legs to swell, sometimes to double their normal size.  The three-year-old, from Rugby, Warwickshire, requires daily hour-long massages, so he can walk without being in agonising pain. They also mean he can, at last, wear...
  • Meet the stay-at-home mum whose amazing 3D hand-art will leave your mind boggling
    A housewife who creates jaw-dropping body art, discovered her talent when she stepped in at the last minute to face-paint at her daughter’s birthday party – after not being able to book a professional. Self-taught mum-of-four Teresa Mullin, 50, transforms her hand and arm into mind-boggling 3D illusions at her...
  • Woman lost her smile overnight after she woke up unable to move part of her face
    A woman was forced to sticky tape her eyes closed so she could sleep, after a rare condition left her with facial paralysis. Emmeline Stephenson, 27, has repeatedly been struck by Bell’s palsy – a condition with alarming symptoms, including weakness or paralysis on one side of the face, a...
  • Woman has almost four-decades old, watermelon-sized tumour, removed from her back
    Mariette, who asked to be known only by her first name, initially noticed a growth on the left side of her back around 40 years ago, when she was in her 20s. By the time she reached her early 60s, the growth spanned around 20 inches in length and weighed...
  • Meet the man who carried and gave birth to his daughter – because his wife couldn’t fall pregnant
    Pictured sporting a beard, as he showed off his pregnant belly, Chris Rehs-Dupin and his wife Amy knew when they met and fell in love in their 20s, working at a children’s summer camp, that they definitely wanted a family. With Chris – who was born Christina – being a...
  • Mum’s heartbreak at telling her children she has cancer while their dad needs a kidney transplant
    Retired pathology doctor Simon Howell, 42, has been waiting for a transplant for six years. When his kidneys first failed in 2004, his mum Linda donated one of her organs, but sadly, it failed in 2009 and he has been kept alive by dialysis since then. Simon and his wife...

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