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Our Mayweather vs McGregor Coverage

It is the fight that few thought would happen but many hoped for. Seeing two of the biggest names – and two of the loudest mouths – in world sport step into the ring was nothing more than a pipedream when the fight was touted lasted year. Yet on August 26 Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather will meet in Las Vegas in what many are predicting to be the most profitable fight in history.


With Mayweather looking to close out his career with a perfect 50-0 record and McGregor fighting for the first time since becoming the UFC’s only 2 division champion ever, this crossover fight is set to be one of the most watched sporting spectacles of the year.

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For two of the world’s most notable trash talkers, the contest will start well before they step into the ring. Every day from the Monday before the fight, you will be able to keep your readers up to date with the latest of the verbal sparring – alongside the latest from the build-up, press conferences and weigh-in.


On the night of the fight you will be able to draw from a match report, quotes as they happen, and a selection of sidebars that will refresh as the fight develops. Additionally, we will be posting the best of the social reaction from celebrities, athletes, fans and analysts from the build-up to post-fight – all available to embed straight into your CMS.


You can find out more about our editorial services, along with the delivery methods for our content by visiting our sport editorial page.


There is little chance that the weigh-in and press conferences will pass without issue. Let your audience see the bad mouthing and bravado first hand with a mixture of broadcast ready packages and raw footage for you team to use. Additionally, daily video updates will be available from the start of the week detailing the latest for the fight.


More information about the video packages we offer, along with examples of previous work can be found here.

Live Blog

Capture the audience that can’t access the PPV but still want to follow the fight with a multi asset live blog. PA provides quick fire updates on the all of the night’s action, including images, quotes and round-by-round commentary. Our blog can be integrated directly into your platform via an embed code or API code, and can form a part of your wider fight coverage via a syndicated code.


More information on how our live blogs can drive large volumes of traffic to your website can be found here.

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