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  • Mum whose newborn erupted in acne tells how his skin was miraculously cleared by £7.99 coconut oil
    A mum whose newborn was so coated in acne his skin looked worse than a spotty teenager’s revealed how the plague of blemishes miraculously cleared within 24 hours of using a £7. 99 pot of coconut oil. Little Henry Holdsworth was just three weeks old when his stay-at-home mum Alex,...
  • Witch performs pagan rituals with her children naked and claims nudism helps them bond with nature
    A naked witch, who performs pagan rituals with her children in the altogether, claims that stripping off helps them to bond with nature. Divorcee Sonia Rincon, 36, performs rituals in her kitchen to celebrate the new moon and the full moon, often helped by her son, Cristian, 15, and daughter, Mala,...
  • Man lets his pet leeches suck his blood – claiming it makes him healthier
    A therapist who bonds with his three giant pet leeches by letting them suck his blood once a month, claims the vampire-style feeding sessions have improved his health and could even extend his lifespan. Placing the three predatory worms he calls his “children” on his left arm, Ariane Khomjani, 22,...
  • Mum looked so different after losing five stone for her wedding that friends didn’t recognise her
    Terrified of being a fat bride, a busy mum shed five stone and five dress sizes in six months, making her a svelte size eight when she said, “I do” – so slim, some friends no longer recognised her. Just 9st when she rekindled her romance with her childhood sweetheart,...


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