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PA Group People: Rachel, Team Leader

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I have worked in the Press Association’s Entertainment Data department for over 13 years, working my way up from Page Producer to Team Leader of News UK– via a few different teams along the way!

My current role involves managing a team of 10 staff and looking after TV listings pages for high-profile customers including the Sun, the Times and the Sunday Times. Despite the high-pressure environment of deadlines, style guides and constant channel-changes, I enjoy the process of taking a raw page, turning it into a high-quality, customer-specific product, which can then be seen on news stands a few days later.

PA has supported me brilliantly during my time here. I have taken part in numerous training courses, including the home-grown PA Diploma, the Certificate of Media Management, Recruitment and Selection, and Coaching as a Management Style. Not only have these courses developed my skills as a Team Leader, they have also given me opportunities to meet new people and learn more about the Press Association as a whole.

The most enjoyable part of my job is working with a group of people who I genuinely get on with and enjoy spending time with. Our mantra seems to be “a team that bakes together, stays together”! We have a great spirit within the team and laughs aplenty, despite the daily demands. It all makes coming to work that bit easier!


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