* Robin, Sub-editor, Puzzles - PA

PA Group People: Robin, Sub-editor, Puzzles

Robin, Sub Editor – PA Puzzles

There are three main elements to my current job in our Bristol-based Puzzles department: compiling, proofreading and formatting.

The first is by far the most interesting for me and typically consists of writing quiz questions and creating and compiling puzzles normally for National and Regional newspapers.

Proofreading involves checking material produced by others and making any changes necessary (typos, factual errors, appropriateness, style, etc).

Formatting is often the second stage of work required, where I have to transfer the raw material to the page using InDesign, Word and other software.

I come from a publishing background, having previously worked in magazines for a company that produced theatre programmes.

I enjoy working for the Press Association.  There is a great team spirit within the department and my colleagues are bright and funny and keep me up to speed with the latest trends in beat music as well as what kind of fab gear the kids are wearing these days!


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