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Giving you a head start on every story

PA Now is designed to keep you ahead of the newsroom. We’ll deliver you the quotes moments after they are uttered and photos worthy of tomorrow’s front pages – all ready to use right away.


Don’t wait until the story breaks to begin your report. PA Now evolves as a story develops, with the latest text, video, images and social media being fed into your dashboard. Rest easy knowing that you will always be working with the most accurate information.


Ready to use anywhere you want  

More than just a reference, PA Now is a resource to power your stories. Everything we publish is available for you to use on your broadcasts, websites and social media.


All uploads to PA Now are done with speedy publication in mind. Each visual asset is delivered with an embed code so it can be loaded into a variety of platforms. Once you’ve found what you need, just click download and you will have everything you need to begin building your story.

An enhanced view of a breaking story

PA Now lets you interrogate all of our content in the way you want. A customisable, user-friendly dashboard gives you as broad or as specific a view into breaking news as you require.


Find out what’s currently catching the eye of journalists with a searchable feed of trending topics, updated throughout the day with the most accessed stories on the platform.


Looking to keep a close eye on something specific? Search for a individual, developing event or wider region to create an always up-to-date feed of everything we create around a breaking news story.

Topics Covered





Key Features:

Breaking News

As soon as we catch wind of a story you can be among the first people we tell.

Key Quotes

The moment we hear something newsworthy from the key people surrounding a story we will deliver it to your feed.

Statements in full

PA will be present at the speeches and press conferences from a story’s key players, delivering complete statements moments after they are uttered.


Provide your readers with a visual view of a story and show the elements that can get lost in a report.

Verified Social Media

Our social media team will be finding the key social reaction from every story and verifying every source. If a tweet goes on PA Now you can be confident in its authenticity.


Secure raw footage from a breaking story to build into your reports or deliver complete video packages for your audience.


Plan your coverage around a breaking story with regular updates detailing our forthcoming coverage.


Every relevant image we have on a story will be visible and available for publication from the moment we upload it

Why you can trust PA

With 150 years’ experience of newsgathering and content creation, PA has an unrivalled reputation for being fast, fair and accurate. Our deep relationships with key organisations, bodies and individuals reinforce our position as a trusted source of content to media, business and digital customers.

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